Inventions or Discoveries Report
Social Studies
Due: March 26, 2018

You will be writing a report about an invention or discovery that fascinates you. Everyone will be doing something different. Think about something that interests you. You will write or type a one page report and make a poster to go along with your report. Oral presentations will begin the week of March 26th during Social Studies class. Let Mrs. Krupp know what you will be reporting by Monday, February 26.
The report must be either typed or hand written on one or more pages. Make sure you include an introduction explaining why you chose the invention or discovery. Tell in your report what life was like before the invention or discovery. Who were the inventors? Who made the discoveries? There were and still are some very brilliant doctors, scientists and inventors who have helped make our lives easier. How did life change after the invention or discovery? How did it make life easier for people? Were people able to live longer because of this discovery? Think of what we talked about in Social Studies. For example…. How did the invention of the light bulb, the skyscraper or the telephone change the way people lived and worked? Think about Jonas Salk and how his discovery of the polio vaccine saved many lives.
Make a poster that includes pictures to support your written report. Be colorful and creative. You will also need to cite the sources you used to gather the information you use for your report. You will need to use at least two sources. Please choose something that you really want to learn about. Be prepared to give an oral presentation on your report. The report and posters are due on Monday, March 26.

Have fun with it!